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NTNU has partnered with Aqualung and will continue to lead the membrane coating optimisation, R&D and further strengthen Aqualung’s competitive position.

Meet the team at NTNU

Prof. Liyuan Deng
Leader of the Membrane research team in the Chemical Engineering Department at NTNU.

More than 20 years of research into novel and highly efficient membrane gas separation processes
Patent holder
Concept originator

Dr. Arne Lindbråthen
Experienced researcher at NTNU with expertise in chemical engineering and gas separation membranes.

Previously part of a start-up, and tech commercialisation projects with industry and NTNU

About NTNU

NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) is Norway’s leading technology university with an international focus. The university headquartered in Trondheim, has 5,000 scientific employees in strong professional environments.