About Aqualung

Aqualung Carbon Capture is a leader in membrane carbon capture and separation technology. The Aqualung system will accelerate the decarbonisation of heavy industry and transport.

Our mission

Aqualung’s membrane technology will speed up decarbonisation and mitigate carbon emission costs by offering a safe, absorbent-free and highly compact carbon capture system for industrial flue gas and biogas.

This will remove a significant amount of otherwise hard-to-abate CO2. Aqualung will be a driving force in the energy transition by deploying industrial scale carbon capture units, offering a complete well-to-wake solution for industrial CO2-emitters.

Our Offering

Industry and heavy transport are the lifeblood of modern civilisation. There is not just a need, but a desire from asset owners and operators to decarbonise and move towards sustainable business models. The value of capturing greenhouse gas emissions is growing rapidly, creating strong economic incentives to deploy solutions.

The problem: green energy sources are expensive – where they are even available. The capital costs to develop these solutions represent a large burden for society, particularly when compared to the existing fossil fuel infrastructure, with materials and transportation costs ultimately fall on the consumers. Carbon capture is the only solution that allows utilisation of existing energy infrastructure while practically eliminating carbon emissions across the transportation, industrial and energy markets.

Aqualung is the solution where conventional carbon capture technology is unfeasible. There are no toxic additives or need for expensive facility re-design. The carbon capture units will be scalable modular solutions with the Aqualung patented membrane technology at the heart of the process. Retrofitting our unit onto existing brownfield sites will aggregate clusters of industrial emitters, thus improving the economics for all participants.

Key Strategic Stakeholders

Our Case Studies

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