About Aqualung

Aqualung membrane technology developed at NTNU in Norway. The technology will enable a wider market to deal with their emission challenges.

Our mission

Aqualung seeks to take an active role in the industrial energy transition with a high-performing, all-natural process for capturing CO2.

Aqualung’s mission is to provide the lowest cost, smallest footprint, most environmentally friendly carbon capture solution based on our unique second-generation membrane technology.

Why Aqualung?

  • Industry and heavy transport of any scale need to urgently find solutions to mitigate their carbon footprint.
  • The value of capturing GHG emissions is growing rapidly both in terms of volume and price, creating strong economic incentives for decarbonization.
  • Carbon capture is the only solution that will allow for the utilization of the existing fossil fuel infrastructure while practically eliminating carbon emissions across the transportation, industrial and power markets.
  • The Aqualung carbon capture process facilitates a natural reaction between exhaust gas components which prevents CO2 from going to the atmosphere. It represents a highly sustainable and cost-efficient way of capturing carbon across rapidly growing markets.
  • Traditional technologies have targeted large-scale emitters such as coal power plants in order to drive economies of scale and establish an infrastructure for carbon  monetization.
  • Aqualung focuses on markets where there are currently no cost-effective solutions: Heavy transport, gas turbines, LNG, and smaller-scale industrial plants such as cement and waste-to-energy. These are large markets (<300kt pa)  with stringent requirements for CAPEX and operational sustainability.
  • The patented Aqualung CO2-membrane capture technology has been proven at a cement facility, where it operated above targeted goals for numerous weeks.  Successful feasibility study results from live industrial plants have led to strong positive feedback from future clients.

Unique strengths

  • Low complexity and environmentally friendly – No toxins or absorbents used means significantly lower operating risk and lower maintenance costs over time. This also avoids the logistics and costs of sourcing highly specialized absorbents.
  • Highly efficient – The use of specialized coatings ensures a remarkably more efficient membrane than the current standard, tested as a market leader for permeance and selectivity.
  • Highly favorable energy balance – The integrated system saves significant energy costs compared to other membrane or absorbent-based systems as it requires zero amines or associated desorption energy, with the coatings ensuring substantially reduced driving force.
  • Fully scalable – The modular “Lego technology” can cost-effectively capture carbon even at small scale (<100,000 TPA) and at low CO2-concentration. This unlocks whole new markets for Carbon Capture representing 85% of emitters.
  • Highly compact – With down to 5% of the footprint of a spray tower, the Aqualung can fit into existing plants where space is at a premium, and without major modifications to the exhaust structure or power plant.
  • NTNU partnership – NTNU has selected Aqualung to commercialize the technology worldwide and will continue to lead R&D and further strengthen Aqualung’s competitive position.

Main industries

  • Shipping
  • Cement
  • Onshore and offshore E&P
  • LNG
  • Waste-to-energy

Aqualung co-operates with leading companies across diverse CO2 concentration levels to further develop and optimize its second-generation membrane technology for carbon capture.


Erik M. Mathiesen, CEO

  • Over 25 years of experience in Maritime, Transportation, and Energy Industries.
  • Successful track record of establishing and building businesses.
  • Vast experience from asset management, both operationally and as board member.
  • Currently sits on various boards in energy, fund management, technology and renewables.


Henrik Utvik, CTO

  • Master’s degree naval architecture from UCL – London’s Global University.
  • Previously with Royal Dutch Shell with focus on marine engineering, clean tech and marine fuel projects.
  • Coordinated initiatives on LPG as Marine Fuel and IMO2020 and in the LNG Marine Fuel segment and other Clean Energy projects.


Andrew Robbins, Executive board member

  • Founding investor in Aqualung.
  • Founder and portfolio manager at Piney Point.
  • Extensive investing experience across the inter-related industrial, energy, agriculture and basic materials sectors.
  • Started investment career at SAC Capital after working at Deutsche Bank in their investment banking group.



We are currently looking to enhance our team. Join us on the path for a greener future, and explore our open positions at Aqualung.

Contact our CEO, Erik M. Mathiesen, erik@aqualung-cc.com

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