Photo from NTNU


The Aqualung Carbon Capture membrane technology is the culmination of 20 years of research from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (“NTNU”). Aqualung is commercialising the patented membrane technology worldwide.

Our technlogoy

Low complexity and environmentally friendly – No toxic additives or absorbents used means significantly lower operating risk and lower maintenance costs over time. This also avoids the logistics and costs of sourcing highly specialised absorbents.

Highly efficient – A remarkably more efficient membrane compared to the current standard, is achieved through the use of specialised coatings, establishing Aqualung as a market leader for carbon capture performance.

Highly favourable energy balance – The Aqualung system saves substantial energy costs compared to other membrane or absorbent-based systems as it requires zero absorbents or associated regeneration energy.

Fully scalable – The modular “Lego technology” can cost-effectively capture carbon even at small scale (<100,000 TPA) and at low CO2 concentration. This unlocks whole new markets, representing 85% of CO2 -emitters.

Highly compact – With down to 5% of the footprint of an absorption column, the Aqualung system can fit into existing plants where space is at a premium, and without major modifications to the exhaust structure or existing plant.

Research partnership – Aqualung is honoured to have NTNU as its R&D partner. We continue to forge new partnerships with other research institutes to remain at the cutting edge of carbon capture technology.