Aqualung Carbon Capture AS announces management changes

Aqualung Carbon Capture AS (Aqualung), a leader in membrane carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and separation technology, today announced the following changes in the Executive management.

Founder, Henrik Utvik, will continue as CTO and become President, whilst founding investor Andrew Robbins will take on the role of CEO.  Such an organizational model will ensure an optimal synergy between the organisation’s technology development and business operations.

Going forward, founder and CEO Erik Mathiesen will resume the position of Executive Chairman of the Board.

Executive Chairman Erik Mathiesen stated the following:

“As Aqualung develops as a company I am pleased to announce that Andrew will be joining full time as CEO. I am also proud to see great talent being hired in all key positions as the company is entering a new phase. Aqualung is now in a position to upscale the technology, deliver pilot projects and execute on our strategy to be a leader in membrane carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and separation technology. I will continue to work as Executive Chairman in close collaboration with the management team.”