Aqualung seeks an open and continuous dialogue with financial investors interesting in investing and developing technology for carbon capture.

We aim to promote an understanding of our business, our goal for a greener and more sustainable future, and the value we create. Do you want to learn more about Aqualung Carbon Capture?

Contact our CEO, Andrew Robbins,

Aqualung has completed a $10m financing round from key strategic partners including Delek Innovation (subsidiary of Delek US), Global Ship Lease, Golar LNG, MKS Pamp and Standard Lithium.  Representatives from Golar LNG and Standard Lithium are also set to join the Aqualung Board of Directors.

Aqualung Carbon Capture was established in 2021 by Erik Mathiesen, Henrik Utvik and Andrew Robbins.

The company was previously funded by Piney Point Carbon Opportunities Fund.